Aluminum Balustrades to BCA requirements

We specialize in compliance works where balustrades and handrails on unit blocks, public areas and/or residential houses have the following.

Heights too low  (All older buildings balustrades don't comply to BCA standards now and thus needs work they have to be extended or replaced .


Gaps too large (Large gaps can be blocked off,but usually better if replaced)


Advantage points to facilitate illegal climbing (these can be blocked off, but the appearance is not good). Most cases remove the obstruction or replace balustrades or rails.


Rusted or corroded fixing points (usually in this case its best to replace Balustrades or rails).


Material to old for its purpose (In this case we replace balustrades or rails)


All of the above are common problems with existing balustrades and handrails on older buildings. We have systems that are weld- free and have great appearance Thus easily to install.

 We have worked with the systems brought out years ago ,and now they are coming out of the woodwork,leaving your balustrades very dangerous.

 Our system can be, at clients request be Powder coated or anodizing to suit Location.

:: For Colour Chart visit local hardware store or

 It can be Top fixed,Side fixed or Core drilled.

  We understand all the ins and out of systems introduced years ago,there- fore  makes it easily for us to alter or replace existing balustrades.

 Our system is weld free and our fixing points are Concealed within the post,leaving the system looking spike and span.

 We have a solution for every situation,the most safest and feasible way,is the way to go.

NOTE: We can add Stainless Steel Handrails onto existing balustrades to bring balustrades to recent BCA Fire escape requirement changes





We provide for Aged Care  Modifications and maintenance Services in Sydney all our rails are fabricated and install to suit every individual needs.

We Liaise with Occupational Therapist's,and understand all the in's and outs of Handrails for the Elderly.


The advantage you have with us is we pre-make the components eg (posts,brackets,rails) and connect on-site as every individual has different needs and we can change there and then leaving the client satisfied and able to utilize the rail for years to come.

 Our Fabricated rails are constructed out of 316 Stainless Steel only.They have no joins on them (leaving them with no obstructions and good appearance.Not like the cheap version with the big rings and connectors on them .

 We fabricate small ,as well as large jobs,as a large job is a series of small jobs connected.

  A decent house requires a decent rail,No -one wants a horrible looking rail etc in a million dollar house.

 We can construct Galvanized Pipe Rails to suit all locations on your premises,we can bend and weld on-site to suit any location.

 NOTE :Galvanized rails don't have the same appearance as 316 Stainless Steel,but they done cost as much as Stainless Steel.


 We can powder coat rails to the clients preference,so they stand out in the neighbour hood.

  Over the last few years we  have provided Home Maintenance Services in Handrails, Fences,Gates Balustrades all over the Sydney Metro areas to Aged Care clients.

We Sub-Contract out to NDIS providers in Sydney's Metro area,our aim is to make your premises safe for everyone.

We understand the ins and outs of all  peoples requirements and needs to do with rails etc.

 So before its to late ,and you have an accident ,call us to come and make your premises safe for you to utilize for years to come. 

 We have many clients who will be lost if we never installed rails for them to get around in there own properties.

 Our Gallery photos explains it you see we adjust to clients preference.

 Once you get Occupational Therapist recommendations,You can come directly to us ,to speed things up (Be wise ,you don't want an accident while waiting for things to be done).

 Or you can go through Aged Care Providers as you have been with them for years,and they take care of all your matters.

 We also offer between 10 to 20 percent subsidies to aged care client (Same as aged care Home Maintenance and Modification Groups ,only difference is you are coming directly to the Fabricator &installer)Yes us!

 Our turn around is very fast,If required and agreeable we can Fabricate and install rails the same day( No waiting around for weeks on end ,leaving you loved ones at risk of an accident.

 We are a outgoing friendly team, who have many happy clients and have made use of our works,and will for years to come.

 SEE Gallery

 They even get us back to do more works.

 So before you Have an accident,call us to come and make your premises safe for everyone.



Fences and Gates

1.8metre Closed Paling Fence

Wooden Paling - Closed, Lapped, Lapped and Capped

Wooden Picket - All styles of pickets available

Custom Made Fences ( we weld on-site if required )

Colour Bond - Gramline style which looks the same on both sides

 Compliance work with Swimming Pools (Boundary fences ,Fabricate panels to suit,pool fences replaced etc)

316 stainless steel gates

Aluminium gates

Steel, powder coated gates

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